Welcome to SmartCenter

A Breath of Fresh Air for Small Tax Firms

Replace cobbled-together software with SmartCenter,

the first intelligently designed practice management solution just for small firms.

Declutter Your Life by Managing Your Firm with One Solution (Not 5!)
Most practice management solutions aren't made with the needs of busy, smaller tax firms in mind. But Smart
Center is. Don't complicate things by using a bunch of different software. Keep it simple with one smart solution.
Take Back Control with a CRM Built Just for You (Because Chaos Isn't Your Style)
Keep track of everything in one place. Clear your desk of sticky notes - and banish clutter. With SmartCenter, you'll be able to manage all the ins & outs of growing your tax firm, from any tablet or computer.
Why Is SmartCenter Perfect for Small Tax Firms? For Starters, It's Not Bloated with Extra Features
Typical practice management software has features you don't need and won't use. You won't find bloat in SmartCenter. It's lean and sleek. Purposeful navigation and smart features let you get to work, faster.
Why Else Will You <3 SmartCenter? Beautifully Simple Project Management
Stop trying to do everything from memory.

With built-in project management tools, SmartCenter makes it easier for you to manage your workflow. Quickly create & manage projects & tasks for each piece of business that comes through the door.
Intelligently Designed for a Tax Pro's Workflow
What if your practice managment software was built to work the way you work? 
Over 10,000 hours of research and hundreds of convos with tax pros went into SmartCenter
Its modern interface design and anticipatory experience is based entirely on how you work. So you may actually enjoy running your firm again. 
Stored in the Cloud
(Not on Your Hard Drive)
Installed software is dead. Installed software forces you to work on 1 computer - which is archaic in our mobile world. 
By storing your data securely in the cloud, SmartCenter makes it easy to work anywhere with an internet connection.

Store as much as you want, get unlimited support for free. You pay a cashflow-friendly monthly fee, and you never pay for upgrades or updates. 

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Managing your practice doesn't have to be hard

Get everything you need to be more productive & feel more in control of your workload, without the hassle of complicated enterprise software

Can SmartCenter do this?
Access all my client data and documents online?
Access my data on a tablet or iPad?
Heck Yeah!
Organize my documents and create custom folders?
Track tasks and projects I'm doing for my clients?
Share and manage tasks and projects with my team?
You bet!
Track my time spent on a task or project?
See a running history of my client activity?
Generate custom reports?
Of course!
Setup easily and get started right away?
Get unlimited free support and training?

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